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Asphalt is the ideal application for driveways & walkways. Asphalt is affordable, and over time if you need repairs, they'll be quick, easy, & economical. Our experienced staff are experts in acreage driveway paving, leaving your completed project neat & tidy. We also specialize in the installation of tennis courts & sport courts.


Bow River Paving can accommodate commercial projects from the small pothole repair to large projects. Specialize in overlay's, large or small.

Grading and Gravelling

With a fleet of the best machinery in the business, Bow River can handle any Grading or Gravelling you require.

Snow Removal

We are equipped to handle any scale of Snow and Ice Management, from parking lots to highways. We have what you need to maintain your surfaces all year round.

Recent Work

Some Fine Examples of Our Latest Projects

Paving for Parking

  • Client: CBRE 35 ST Properties
  • Location: 7803 35th ST SE
  • Date: 2014

This project involved the removal and replacing of existing parking lots. Bow River was responsible for removing damaged asphalt, and the excavation and paving of the main road.

• Removed existing asphalt, Compacted base • Paved two parking lots • Excavated, paved main road

Preparing for the Circus

  • Client: Cirque Du Soleil
  • Location: 1410 Olympic Way SE
  • Date: 2013

When Cirque Du Soleil came to Calgary they needed an area to set up their big top. Bow River was responsible for prepping and paving the area as well as the removal of material after the shows had ended.

• Prepared the site for the Big Top • Installed curbs and asphalt ramps • Removal and off-site disposal of materials

Yard Paving

  • Client: Kudu Industries Inc.
  • Location: 9112-40 Street SE
  • Date: 2014

This project involved the grading and paving of a 40,000 square foot yard. Bow River was responsible for supplying and placing 4” of asphalt to provide a cleaner, better looking, and more functional yard.

• Re-grading of all gravel • Supplied and placed asphalt

Renewing the Lot

  • Client: Alta Genetics Canada
  • Location: 263090 Range Road 11
  • Date: 2014

This project involved making an old parking lot new again with an overlay. Bow River was responsible for fixing drainage issues and providing an overlay of the parking lot.

• Excavated area to ensure proper drainage • Overlay existing West parking lot

Make it Drain

  • Client: Pure Canadian Gaming Corp.
  • Location: 1420 Meridian Road NE
  • Date: 2014

This project involved the excavation, grading, and removal of broken asphalt in order to fix drainage issues that were damaging the asphalt, as well as an overlay, and patches to get rid of potholes.

• Fixed Drainage Issues and raised catch basins • Excavation of broken asphalt and waste material • Paved parking lot & fixed potholes

Stay off the Fairways

  • Client: Heritage Pointe Golf Club
  • Location: #1 Heritage Pointe Drive
  • Date: 2014-2015

On this job, Bow River was responsible for the creation of new cart paths as well as fixing the existing ones. Now you know who to thank for all those lucky bounces.

• Excavating and shaping of cart paths • Paving and patching new and existing paths

Paving for Pets

  • Client: Country Club Pet Resort
  • Location: Township Road 244A
  • Date: 2015

The Country Club Pet Resort is a place where pets get their own vacation while you’re on yours. Bow River was responsible for shaping and paving pathways throughout the resort and memorial gardens.

• Re-graded and shaped pathways throughout resort • Paved new paths throughout the memorial gardens

Power Paving

  • Client: Enmax Power Services Corp.
  • Location: Calgary
  • Date: 2014- Present

Since the floods of 2013, Enmax has been raising their transformer boxes. Bow River is responsible for removing temporary fill material and repaving the areas surrounding the boxes.

• Filled and paved areas around transformer boxes • Removal and disposal temporary material

Bumps Be Gone

  • Client: Residential Acreage
  • Location: Millarville AB
  • Date: 2014

When a large acreage in Millarville with a long driveway was damaged, Bow River was called to re-grade and repave the driveway.

• Removal of damaged asphalt • Re-grading of base material • Asphalt paving

Extending the Life of Asphalt

  • Client: Dream Industrial Management Corp.
  • Location: Suite 400, 734-7 Avenue SW
  • Date: 2014

At Dream Industrial Management large trucks come in and out all day, every day putting stress on the asphalt. Bow River was responsible for repairing any damaged areas as well as the removal of any broken asphalt.

• Patched areas where asphalt was cracking • Dig out and removal damaged asphalt

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Since 1991, Bow River Paving has provided asphalt paving services for private & commercial projects. Our management & staff are reputable people with an abundance of expertise in all areas of paving, from the simple patch to complete paving projects. Our services also include grading, gravelling & snow removal. Reliable, knowledgeable & top notch workmanship are the qualities we bring to every project.


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Bow River Paving believes in maintaining a high level of responsibility towards both our workers as well as the public we serve, and as such we are fully insured, always have our WCB account in good standing. We are also proud members Alberta Construction Association and are recipients of the COR Certificate.

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